Transform Your Life

Have you ever heard the phrase "I just needed to find myself?" Honestly, I used to wonder "What the hell do people mean!? Aren't they THERE the entire time!? How can you ever LOSE YOURSELF?" Obviously, I didn't "get it."

Well, "finding ourselves" simply means that we needed to really examine ourselves (especially the parts that we tried to HIDE or suppress).

I know. I speak from experience! At one point, I thought the world would be better off without me.

I had to learn that MY MENTAL HEALTH is important. That I'm not alone and that NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME! I thought I was a crazy person if I got stressed out & had an unrecognizable outburst.

Plus, this journey of "self discovery" is so important for us to TRULY serve our ideal clients. How can we help our clients until we help ourselves? How can we take care of our family unless we are taking care of ourselves? How can we pour into others when we are running on empty?

Yes, I am a BUSINESS coach and my ultimate goal is to help MORE PEOPLE create FINANCIAL STABILITY and tap into ABUNDANCE.

I learned that it first starts within ourselves. Our THOUGHTS are important. What we THINK is the KEY to our SUCCESS. So, I take you on a 90 day journey to self discovery so you can UNLEASH YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL! I use universal success principles from books like "Think & Grow Rich" and I combine them with new biz strategies for AMAZING results!

What my Queens say...

The Secret of Your Success is Hidden in Your Daily Routine

The success principles from various books such as Think & Grow Rich, The Secret (Law of Attraction), and Science of Getting Rich teach the RESULTS formula (thoughts + feelings + actions = results).

The Daily sheet helps you APPLY these teachings and the SUCCESS FORMULA to your daily routine.

Focus for 90 Days & You can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

This program has worked for MANY other women (16-60+). It can transform YOUR LIFE and your business. Make a commitment to YOU!

  • Commit to taking care of YOU
  • Be open minded & teachable. Besides basic biz teachings & strategies, I teach ancient success formulas & universal principles (ex: law of attraction, faith in action, etc)
  • Commit to be a VICTOR over your life vs a VICTIM to your circumstances.
Building Your Queen Life

This ebook & book (while supplies last) are a handy way to carry the powerful lessons with you. It is a great resource for how to communicate (ex: guideline for a difficult conversation & how to apologize properly). It also includes a powerful freedom letter (page 88) and other powerful tools to shift your energy & get you living in a higher frequency.

Example Curriculum

  Introduction to this Program, Daily & Finding Your Purpose
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